Regarding The choir in general

It was magnificent!!!   The casting was good, the ballet excellent and the soldiers
were fun and ‘together' as were the chorus – I loved their shuffling!!   I could hear every word of the narrator, and Evita had a voice most suitable to a ‘streetsinger' The sets were excellent and the scenery changes went smoothly – altogether a great way to spend Saturday night – thank you.
- Yvonne Forrest OAM

A stunningly good show – the singing, dancing, costumes and lighting were all amazing. Congratulations.
- Robyne Burridge OAM

Evita was absolutely fantastic from beginning to end.
- Greg Anderson

Congratulations on a successful production . What an effort!
- Sean Edison

How did you do THAT?! Amaaazing.
- Lee Lovett-Olsen

Stunning… really wonderful, and very professional.
- Assoc-Professor Dr. Scott Harden

The Darwin Chorale is a choir of excellence. A choir of volunteers who really love singing and performing. I am indeed honoured to be your Patron. When Dr Dean Patterson founded the Darwin Chorale in 1985, he envisaged a community choir of excellence. His vision has been achieved and sustained. Over the past 37 years a program true to the Chorale's vision of inclusivity, creativity and high-performance standards has been provided for the enjoyment of our communities.

[A section of a speech at Government House in September 2022]
- Her Honour the Honourable Vicky O’Halloran, Administrator of the Northern Territory

Thankyou for singing at this service, as always your music was beautiful.

- Lyne, Palliative Care Memorial Service coordinator

The friendly relaxed nature of Darwin Chorale has given me the confidence to sing with gusto amongst equally talented Territorians.
- Gregory Knowles

Singing with the chorale has provided a wonderful enrichment to my life in Darwin.
- Fiona Wake

I recommend a Chorale Connection for anyone with a desire to extend their life experience.
- Elizabeth Davidson

The Darwin Chorale was a delight to work with. We had a lot of fun!
- Michael Cormick

The dedication and enthusiasm of the choristers and musicians in a wide range of choral presentations has entertained and enriched us.
- Sally Thomas - former Administrator NT