Heroes and Villains Concert

7:00pm, Fri, 5 Jul 2024

Event Details

Type of event: Performance
Start time: 7:00pm
Venue: Charles Darwin University, Casuarina NT 0815
Description: Heroes and Villains Concert
Get ready to embark on a thrilling musical journey with The Darwin Chorale's latest production, "Heroes and Villains." Making a welcome return is the beloved character of Alfonso Disney, who is enjoying the quiet life when things take an unexpected turn as a kidnapping sends shockwaves through the beloved animated universe.

As the plot unfolds, the audience is thrust into a whirlwind of mystery and intrigue, tasked with deciphering which notorious villain is behind the sinister plot. Is it the cunning Gaston, the conniving Scar, or perhaps the misunderstood Ursula? With each melodious note and captivating performance, the lines between hero and villain blur, leaving spectators on the edge of their seats.

"Heroes and Villains" is not just a showcase of talent, but a celebration of the timeless characters we've grown to adore and despise in our favourite animated classics. Through a collection of poignant songs and dynamic movement, The Darwin Chorale brings these iconic figures to life in a way that's both nostalgic and refreshingly new.

Join us for an unforgettable performance filled with suspense, laughter, and toe-tapping tunes from Shrek, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Encanto, Toy Story and many more as we explore the complexities of heroism and villainy in the magical world of the movies!