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All contributions will be very much appreciated. Contributions over $2.00 are tax deductable.

What’s in it for you?
As a donator you will become our Friend. You will be kept up to date with the latest Chorale news, what’s on and where, and, to get a peek behind the scenes, you will be invited to attend a rehearsal in the lead up to a show. Major donators will be invited to attend an event hosted by the Chorale Board.  You will also feel good about supporting an organisation that has provided enjoyment to audiences in the Darwin region and beyond since 1985.

Why do we need the money?
The Chorale is a not-for-profit organisation which seeks support through grant funding, sponsorship and fundraising events however in recent years this has become an increasingly challenging task. Production costs have increased and we require assistance to keep the budget balanced.
The Chorale has no paid employees and is entirely run by volunteers. We would love to be able to employ someone to assist with the administration of the Chorale. You can help us achieve this goal.

Where does the money go?
  • Rehearsal and performance venue hire
  • Purchase / hire of music scores
  • Sound and lighting equipment rental
  • Technician fees
  • Honoranium payments to the Music Director, Rehearsal pianist
  • Musician fees when applicable
  • costume cost (cabarets, musicals etc)
  • Programs, posters design and printing
  • Advertising  - news articles, television etc
What about our members?
Our members are community members from all walks of like who pay membership and rehearsal fees to perform.  They work incredibly hard to develop their skills to performance standard and achieve the thrill of performing in front of an enthusiastic audience.

How do I donate?   Download the Donation Form for details

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Thank You! 

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