EOI for Singers - 'BEATLES' Cabaret

Type of post: Choir news item
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sun, 13 Mar 2016

We are calling for all interested singers to register for the Chorale in Cabaret concert featuring the music of the Beatles. The concert is to be held 21st - 23rd July and the possiblilty of a one night gig at Lake Bennett on Aug 6th. There will be limited numbers and depending upon the interest received, auditions may be held for all participants. The concept is for full choir, divided choir, small group and possibly solo work. Small group work rehearsals will commence in early April while main choir rehearsals will start Wednesday April 27th. There will be calls on weekends as this is a books down and movement show. A full rehearsal schedule will be posted in the next few weeks.

If you would like to participate in this concert please email me at agore@dwn.mcgees.com.au with your name, voice part, if you would be intersted in small group and or solo work.

Please note: auditions are required for small and solo work and if you are not a current member of the chorale
Please register by 19th March. Annette Gore Performance Manager.